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to be 'sent to the Spirit World' for the use of our
dead brave. They took this horse a few hundred
yards out on the prairie and shot it. Then they
broke up a bow and a quiver of arrows and a gun,
and wrapped them in a buffalo robe and left them
there beside the horse. We burned some good
food, too, so that the spirit of the food and other
destroyed instruments might go on to the land of
the living dead as presents to our departed warrior.
His widow gashed herself in the thighs with a
sharp buffalo knife, in mourning the loss of her
renowned husband; and all of the women painted
their faces black. This meant that we must battle
again with the Isahpos, to avenge the death of one
of the greatest marksmen our nation had pro-
duced. It was an immutable law that all deaths
must sometime be avenged by a relative of the
deceased, even though that relative might know
for a certainty that he would be killed in the effort.
We had thought that we had evened up our score
with the Isahpos and that perhaps we would never
have to fight them again, but the Fates had now
decreed otherwise. The death of Roving Night
Eagle must be avenged!